What are your opening hours? Do you offer tours?

Check out our EVENTS calendar for our upcoming tasting schedule.

Is it OK to bring food/drinks?

Yes. Although we generally have a food truck, at our tastings, feel free to bring in your own snacks. However, NO OUSTIDE ALCOHOL is permitted. If you are found with other alcoholic beverages, they will be fed to our floor drains and you will be asked to leave.

Do we need reservations?

Most of our events are open to the public so no advanced tickets, or reservations, are needed. However, parties and other special events may require them. Check our EVENTS calendar for details.

Are children allowed?

Yes. Our brewery is family friendly during our tastings and tours. We do ask that they be accompanied by responsible adults and that they remain supervised during the duration of your stay. Check the EVENTS calendar for specific details as certain functions may be for adults only.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, as long as they remain on a leash and are cleaned up after.

Do you sell beer in your tasting room?

Yes. Many of our functions include samples with admission. However, additional pints of beer can be purchased. Unfortunately the current Texas laws prohibit us from allowing you to purchase beer and take it home with you. Because of this, no “to-go” keg/can/bottle sales are possible. (We hope to change this law in the future though!)

How much is a keg?

See the question above.

Is the brewery available for weddings, private parties, or other special events?

Absolutely. We would love to host your next special event! Shoot us an email so we can work on making it a memorable one.

Our organization is hosting a special event and looking for sponsors; would you be willing to donate some beer?

We are a very small brewery and, as such, do not produce a lot of beer to begin with. Once it’s produced, it goes off to our distributor so that it can be sent all over Texas. Because of this, we do not have beer available for donation.

Are you interested in any advertising, marketing, or promotional opportunities?

Not at this time.

How should we contact you with additional questions?

If your question was not answered, above, please feel free to send us an email.